Sick Of Game-Crashing Walking Dead Bugs, Some Fans Want Their Money Back

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The Walking Dead is a very buggy game, and despite the critical acclaim (and non-stop Game of the Year awards), some fans who bought it haven't even had the chance to play the whole thing.


A number of Walking Dead PC and Mac players are flocking to the forums of developer Telltale Games to complain about the frequent save-corrupting bugs and errors that are preventing them from finishing the game. Some have even filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau to ask for refunds and try to get Telltale to respond to their complaints.

In an e-mail to Kotaku, one reader said Telltale's customer support has not been very responsive.

"The reason I am contacting you is that perhaps it is time to hold developers to a higher standard of contact and communication," the reader said. "If no one cares and just buys the same broken product over and over and over again, we should only blame ourselves when the market is flooded with bugged games and no support. I am tired of games with no support or no real help from the developer. It is their product and they should either fix the problem or give the money back to the individual who trusted them to provide something of quality."

Telltale is giving free download codes to people who own the buggy retail Xbox 360 version of the game, but they have not yet offered a solution for people who own the buggy PC version of the game, the buggy Mac version of the game, or anything else. (I played on iPad, and my version crashed a few times. I also experienced some weird bugs.)

I reached out to Telltale this morning for comment, but I haven't heard back. I'll update if they respond.


I played it on the PS3, and excepting a few load screens that lasted about 25 seconds, the only bug I encountered was a really weird camera angle on the train that made me unable to see anything but background. A quick restart fixed it. Guess I dodged a bullet, but that is a damn fine game.