They say you can tell a lot about a person based on how they decorate a room. And if you're playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you're gonna have a lot of rooms to decorate. Let's share, shall we?

Just as a quick reminder:this is how you go about easily uploading your New Leaf screenshots.

So! This is my humble abode. I've only got two rooms as of now. Set-wise, I'm going for the modern wood set. Otherwise, just kind of mixing and matching stuff I like. Standout items I'm fond of: pop-up book, hamster cage, modern wood TV set, amazing machine, large space console, and my typewriter. Check it out:


I might switch stuff up and have less modern wood and more stuff out of the minimalist set, but we'll see. Definitely going to look into the Feng Shui stuff—after moving some furniture around this morning, the daily money rock gave me significantly less money than it did before. So while I'm still kind of of the "screw the HHA" (which scores your house based on specific criteria), I'm okay with moving stuff around to be a little luckier in the game.


Not pictured: my upstairs bedroom, which I'm still unsure what to do with.

How bout you? What does your place look like; what items are you pumped to have? Hopefully not everyone has a Nintendo franchise themed fest—though I suppose it's better than the slightly creepy gyroid fest that some folks like to have! Either way, share in the comments.