Show Us What You Love And Hate About Nathan Drake's Character Design

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Ah, Uncharted's Nathan Drake — The everyman's adventurer. In a gaming landscape populated with neckless, 'roid-filled space marines and cyborg ninjas, you're here to remind us that being a regular joe on a mystical adventure is its own kind of cool.


Drake has gone through a lot of small, tiny changes over the years, but one thing that has mostly remained (somewhat) constant is the 'Half-tuck' — An innovative form of shirt wearing that game designer Tim Schafer once likened to 'an Unfinished Symphony'. Personally, I'm glad he ditched the canvas shoes by game three for a pair of boots. Indiana Jones wears Aldens for god's sake, the least you can do is not show up to the mythical lost city Shambhala in busted pair of Tevas.

It's your turn, Kotaku readers. Using our image annotation system, show us what you love (or hate) about Nathan Drake's character design. Just click the part of the image you want to comment on and annotate away!

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Bandoleer of single rifle-cartridges yet he never uses a rifle that loads rounds one at a time.

This is shallow aesthetics, this design is trying to leech off Lawrence of Arabia, where he was a character who would use such weapons.

This can't just be a work that draws from reality. It has to be a game that draws from an old film which draws from a real setting from long ago.

Half the time you have no idea when uncharted is set. Some points it seems like early 21st century with laser sights and red-dot-sights, other times it's like a bygone era with float-planes, WWII surplus jeeps and a curious absence of communication technology like mobile phones.