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Show Us What You Love And Hate About Mario's Character Design

Illustration for article titled Show Us What You Love And Hate About Marios Character Design

Ah Mario; the Superman of video games. He’s the modest, iconic, do-gooder everyone loves. He's wholesome — a video game character you can bring home to mom for the holidays.


Like Superman, Mario has had his highs and his lows (I’m looking at you Hotel Mario and Bob Hoskins) but his design still remains unsullied and iconic — a character that even your mom and possibly grandparents know.

But he is not beyond criticism. It’s time to weigh in — Using our image annotation system, show us what you love or hate about some of Mario’s many character designs. It could be high praise ("Such grace, such beauty — The moustache that launched a thousand games") or black-hearted cynicism (‘What kind of weirdo plumber wears white gloves to work and eats fly agaric for fun?’). Just click one one of the many incarnations of the plumber above and annotate away.


'There's always a princess, there's always a plumber, there's always a kingdom.'

(Top row: Super Mario Bros. (sprite), Mario 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64. Bottom Row: Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros. U. Images via the Super Mario Wiki)

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Random question: Why did they change the color of the overall from the original red to blue?