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Should She Be Chainsawable?

Illustration for article titled Should She Be Chainsawable?

It's not a given that a war video game will have female fighters. If Gears of War 3 does, the game's designers will have to decide if they will grant their heroines equal opportunities to experience the game's signature actions...


...such as chainsawing people in half and being chainsawed by them.

We don't know if this new female soldier pictured above in the Gears of War 3 trailer — and confirmed to be Anya Stroud, to you Gears fans — will be playable in the new game. Lead designer Cliff Bleszinski did tell NBC Late Night host Jimmy Fallon last night that "we have female soldiers finally in the game, by the way... a lot of the fans have been asking for that one for a while."


If you were on the Gears of War 3 design team, what decisions would you make regarding the female soldiers?

Gears of War 3 will be out on the Xbox 360 in early April 2011. Check Kotaku's Gears of War 3 news round-up for more.

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What kind of stupid post is this. Of course she should be chainsawable. As humans one of the few things that is shared by all of us is that we are all born then at some point die.

This also illustrates the double standard that is adhered to by both men and women. You are always quick to hear, "Im all for Equal Opportunity" but as soon as women are forcefully confronted with some of the grim realities of this equality its. "Well thats kind of harsh, these are ladies, y'know."

Not to mention that it took Epic Games the production of two multi-million dollar games to realize that in a story where the entire human population is being threatened, women can pick up a gun and blow a locust's head off too.


Women deserve alot more credit and respect than that people, come on!!