Mass Effect is a series about making tough decisions, and commenter eatplaysleepmore is really feeling it. He wants to sell his Xbox 360, but doesn't want to lose the accumulated save data for the previous two games. What should he do?

Been debating this for a while..

I don't really want to keep my 360 anymore, actually the only reason I am keeping it is because of how great Gears of War 3's multiplayer is. Thing is, I don't want to keep paying for gold just to play one game.


I had my 360 for almost 4 years now, bought my PlayStation 3 January of this year and it's library has surpass that of my 360 cause of all the exclusives it has now.

Now here is my biggest problem of why I can't sell it. It's because of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect has been the only series in this gen of consoles that I been overly obsessive with. I done EVERYTHING you can possibly think of, to unlocking all the achievements, to doing every single quest and having save files with every single predicament that the game has to offer.

I will hate myself forever, and Bioware, if this whole "Choices will matter" is one big load of horseshit. I forgave them with that crap they pulled on ME2(seriously, e-mails?) since 3 is supposed to tie them all together.


I really want this game to make things I done in the past matter.

I want to be like Oh wow I remember that guy when I did this and that, and why are these people attacking me? Oh right; I pissed them off in that side mission.


I feel like a moron for keeping my 360 when I could sell it to get Uncharted 3 or the other games that are going on crazy sales but my god am I passionate about this series.

What do you think everyone?

Should I slap myself in the face and sell it? Should I keep it just because of my love for the series?


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