Should He Play Borderlands 2 on PC or Console?

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It's not always about mouse and keyboard versus controllers; sometime the choice to play on PC or console comes down to a question of community. Let's help commenter Daemon_Gildas figure out how to play Borderlands 2 in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

Okay, fellow gamers, I need some advice!

I've always been fond of playing games with Controllers, as opposed to Keyboard and Mouse, and there's no way you're going to convince me otherwise, so leave that out of the equation.


Should I purchase Borderlands 2 for the Xbox 360 or the PC?

I have a pretty decent gaming rig now, although I would be surprised if it can handle Maxed graphic-setting without some hiccups. The 360, on the other hand, seems to be showing its age a bit these days, and I'm not particularly fond of Xbox Live anymore (ever since the new UI update, the things have just been a mess).

Thing is, I've never actually taken the plunge to play PC games over Consoles. Sure, I play all of Blizzard's games, but it's more in spite of the fact they're on PC, not because of it. As well, I'm horrible when it actually comes to maintaining PC's, not even knowing when or if to download drivers unless I run into a technical issue, and even then I get fed-up with the process pretty quickly.

As well, what's the PC Borderlands community like? I played Borderlands 1 on the 360, and it was a pretty mixed-bag. Is that the same of the PC version, or is it a little more positive?


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If you don't think this game will have gamepad support you are well not thinking clearly.