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A reader named Ryan writes: "I've got a question that I hoped could be posed to the readers of Kotaku. I'm curious if World of Warcraft is a series to even bother getting back involved with, after I'd spent some time on it (this is prior to the Lich King and Cataclysm releases/updates/mandatory you-must-buy releases).

"The reason I'd like to have a 'hive mind' answer is because I'm (hoping) guessing that I'll get both aye and nay answers, and maybe gain a little more insight than asking on some plain ol' gaming site where everyone's going to tell me YES YOU MUST BUY.


"Part of me wants to get back into it, feeling nostalgic for my youth and days of AD&D, and part of me knows it's a money/time suck."

What do you say, readers? Don't let Ryan down.

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