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Went down to Osaka Port over the weekend to look at furniture. (Furniture can be expensive!) The store we went to is in the Asia Trade Center, which is dead as dead.

Oddly, on the Sunday we went down, it was crawling with women that were cosplaying outside the store by the port. No idea why they were all there — or why it was pretty much exclusively girls.


Mini-Bash thought the cosplayers were like Disneyland characters — meaning, that they're always there.

He wandered around trying to find characters he knew, but since he hasn't playing Final Fantasy VII (Hi Tifa!) or hasn't seen Lucky Star (Hey Konata), he didn't find any characters he wanted to take his picture with. (Side note: Explaining to him who Hatsune Miku was hard)

Mini-Bash did find some kids cosplaying Naruto, which made his day, until... Until he saw some girl (maybe it was a girl?) cosplaying as Taro Okamoto's statue Taiyo no Tou.


Keep in mind, I've seen tons of impressive costumes, tons. Enough for a lifetime. But cosplaying as Taiyo no Tou? That was a first. The costume was an elaborate foam job, with a mess slit for vision.

While all the other kids were with friends, taking pics of each other and wearing girly costumes or dressed as dudes, the Taiyo no Tou cosplayer was alone and asking strangers to take his/her/its photo. Mini-Bash started excited saying Taiyo no Tou! Taiyo no Tou! Taiyo no Tou! and running after the Taiyo no Tou, waving his camera, never taking his eyes off the cosplayer, until... Until he ran into a street sign.


The kid wasn't hurt, but saddened to see Taiyo no Tou shuffle off into a sea of girls with frilly dresses.

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