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We may earn a commission from links on this page

'Shop Contest: Your E3 Hopes And Dreams

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s E3 this week, and we’re going to be shown lots of games that we expect and a few that we don’t know anything about. I need ‘shops that show me the latter.

Every E3 is a rollercoaster of emotions. The biggest companies in video games promise things about games, and then years later we can debate and create longform video content about whether they kept those promises. However, the moments that I like the most about E3 are when something completely unexpected happens (this is, perhaps, where my love of the PC Gaming Show comes from).


This week, I want you to create those surprising announcements and bizarre moments that E3 is known for. I want Ubisoft to create an open world Bill and Ted game so bad, but the likelihood of that happening is very low. But I can ‘Shop it. So give me your weird dance numbers, the strangest celebrity appearances, and the most surprising game announcements. Bonus points if that game is available...right...nooooow!

As always, good luck, and the rest of the instructions are below.

How To Upload Images — Instructions

1. Create your ‘Shop and save it to your desktop. Images must be at least 636 pixels wide.

2. Go to the bottom of this post

3. This brings up a comment window. Click “Choose file” if you’re uploading your ‘shop from your desktop

4. Alternatively, you can upload the ‘Shop to a free image hosting service. I suggest imgur. Then paste the image’s URL into the field that says “Image URL.” Note: this must be the URL of the image itself, not the page where it is displayed. That means the URL ends in .jpg, .gif, .png, whatever.

5. Add editorial commentary and hit submit and your image will load. If it doesn’t, upload the image to imgur and paste the image URL as a comment. I will look at it.

6. Large-size images may not upload properly, though we have seen some animated .gifs upwards of 5 MB. If you’re still having trouble uploading the image, try to keep its longest dimension (horizontal or vertical) under 1000 pixels, or the whole thing under 2 MB.