Last week I asked all of you to help me celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ocarina of Time, and you did some excellent work.

It takes a lot of commitment to create a game centered on tooting a little oval woodwind, and yet it is a game that has continued to resonate with audiences for two whole decades. The speedrunning community is especially interesting.

You’re here for the ‘shops, though, so I’m proud to announce that the winner this week is a behemoth project that plays off The Lord of the Rings as much as it does the Zelda game that we’re here to celebrate:

Our winner, handsome-and-marble, has really outdone themselves. This is the kind of commitment to a ‘shop that I would never make, and for that reason, I salute you.


But that’s not the only accolade we have this week. A brave few people attempted to square up against the celebrations of Ocarina of Time, and so here are some honorable mentions:

Bob has revealed some truly horrible things from the heart of Nintendo.


sciteach knows that there are some delicious tunes in that ocarina.

DrGobblesMD knows that Link has to work really hard for the rupees.


I’m not really a “magazine” person, but I promise you that if there was a magazine written from the perspective of fictional Hyrulians who love fishing, I would read it. Thank you Done With Kinja.

rogueIndy knows that you can find anyone in the land of Hyrule.


cecil_banon shows us the appropriate celebration technique.

I’ve only got two words about Lharm’s contribution this week: hell yes.


It is amazing that RyanDLowe has united two famous sagas.

Last, but not least, religiousjedi makes it clear that you should celebrate your birthday at the appropriate time and place.


Congratulations to the winner and the honorable mentions this week, and we’ll be back shortly with a new ‘Shop Contest!