Last week I asked you to show me some progress shots of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and you did not disappoint me.

I’m looking forward to the Remake with a kind of grim fascination. I’m of the strong opinion that we don’t need it, that it doesn’t need to exist, and that if you like a good game from the past you should just probably play it. And yet, if it must happen, I am very interested in the shape it takes.

This week’s winner BriInWI hits somewhere close to the mark of what I’m thinking about. The grimdark hellscape of Midgar is populated by all sort of people, and I bet that Cloud and Barret will have to get in a scrap or two with guns and swords and magic or whatever.

We’ve got lots of honorable mentions this week, too.


edy_paganza knows about dolphin propulsion.

Chris Mc images the work of a different creative team.


Chelsea of Tranquility gives us some additional combat mechanics to play with.

Indoril Nerevar is updating the cast a little bit.


cecil_banon is on the hunt to 100% completion.

sciteach is giving us a much better version of the biking minigame.


Cyan09 points out that the game should include a photorealistic version of their cat. I agree.

gokartmozart has figured out who killed all those dang whales. It’s Sephiroth. Sephiroth killed all those dang whales.


Bob has put Mario in a very bad position. You don’t need those moons, Mario! Turn back!


Vinyourg has found something that is almost guaranteed to be in the game. No jokes here. This has to be a live option, right?

rogueIndy makes the joke.


And, finally, Damien Fate comes through with an absolutely brutal powerhouse move.

That’s all for this week! Check out the original thread for pics and double entries that didn’t make the mentions, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new ‘Shop Contest.