Shoot the Pig with this Bullet Hell Trainer

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I love bullet hell shooters—you know, those insane shoot ‘em up games in which you pilot a small craft into a storm of projectiles. They're great. And the iOS handles them pretty well, too.

This latest effort, Pig & Bullet, is less a bullet hell shooter and more a bullet hell trainer. Meaning, this game can probably help you improve your ability to dodge bullets as they rain down.

In that regards, the app works quite well! You maneuver a pig out of the way of the bullets. In one mode, however, you actually try to get hit by all the bullets—which is kind of neat.


I do wish I could move my pig all the way to the top of the screen, however. There seems to be an invisible band of pixels that blocks me from doing it. Also, while playing the get-hit-by-the-bullets mode, the game locked up at times. I blame my awesomely quick movements.

The game, which was created by former Capcom devs, has three modes and a score by Yasushi Kaminishi—which is cool! If you like bullet hell shooters, you might like Pig & Bullet.

Pig & Bullet [$0.99, iTunes]

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~ Pastafaria Joe ~

This will do nothing but make you worse at bullet hell. You're dodging bullets that are all heading straight down at random intervals. Bullet Hell is about learning the many different patterns of bullets.

This is an abomination, and will only teach players bad habits for bullet hell.