Mommy's Best Games Shoot 1UP explores the idea of taking a traditional shooter and having the player control a whole fleet instead of a single craft.


You control the fleet by expanding or collapsing the group formation. When you expand the group, you charge and unleash a super laser but at the expense of making your fleet more vulnerable to enemies and their shots.

It's a really neat mechanic. Power-ups in the game are extra ships which get added to your fleet, increasing your firepower by their presence. When you lose all of your ships, you die. Game over. Destroyed ships leave point markers — not medals or anything but actual screens with the point value displayed on them — which can be collected to bolster your score.


Mommy's Best Games made Weapon of Choice and the upcoming Grapple Buggy. Shoot 1UP looks like crap by comparison. You get some absolutely huge bosses, but the ground is Truxton flat and boring to look at. There isn't a hint of slowdown, but when the graphics are this barebones, you would be shocked if it did, even with all the stuff on the screen (and there is a lot).

Shoot 1UP is a lazy effort in part by Mommy's Best Games but an interesting experiment nonetheless. I know the developer is more than capable out putting out a better looking and sounding product, but given the wholly unique gameplay and the low price of entry (just 80 points), it's definitely one to buy if only to encourage this kind of innovation in games, particularly one needing it as much as the shooter genre.


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