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Shonen Jump Gives Fans Heart Attack Over Suspected NFTs

It's 2022, you need to be more careful teasing announcements!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
An image from One Piece
Image: Shonen Jump

Earlier today, the American Twitter account for storied manga anthology Shonen Jump got very excited about some upcoming news. Problem being, they phrased it in a way that got fans very upset, very quickly.

“Soon you’ll be able to show your Shonen Jump love in a whole new way”, the account tweeted. “Exciting announcement tomorrow!”


Which I’m sure was lovely for them, they seemed excited. But this is January 2022, and whenever fans of an entertainment property read a line like “show your Shonen Jump love in a whole new way, their first and most dreaded instinct is to assume that they’re about to get hustled on a line of shitty manga NFTs.

Fans were quick to react. Here are some of the top replies to Shonen Jump’s tweet, all critical of the supposed decision:

Ooooh lord y’all better not be getting into nfts

If this is NFTs I am cancelling my subscription.

hope the “whole new way” is just by like, buying a shirt or something cus if it’s crypto your subscriber count is gonna get yamcha’d

Luffy would not stand for NFTs

if this is NFTs i’m going to start reading One Piece but literally by pirating it

Just going to hover my mouse cursor over the unsubscribe button in case it’s NFTs

dreading the impending reality where we get Hunter X Hunter NFTs before we get a new chapter


All very drastic, and which clearly made someone at Viz realise they’d made a terrible mistake. The account had to quickly issue a follow-up, tweeting, “It’s not NFTs.

Phew! You can all take those mean tweets back now. As for what the, “whole new way,” tease actually is, who knows. The announcement is coming tomorrow, and will probably end up being some new merch or a collab. Whatever, so long as it’s not NFTs, then everyone can rest a little easier tonight.