Very important update! Last we heard, Xbox 360 owner, popstar and nerd hero Shoko Nakagawa was thinking about buying a PS3. She didn't.

But her buddies did! Hipster musician Meg Rock and transgender fashion model Ayana Tsubaki bought surprised Shokotan with a "Cloud Black" PS3 bundle.

Those two surprised me!! ...They secretly got me a present... Waaaaaaaahaaahaaaaa It's so expensive, I shrieked!! ...Those two are really busy, but they were able to find time to decide to get me... a surprise present!!

Shoko Nakagawa turned 24 on May 5. Her getting the Cloud Black PS3 makes sense as she's a huge FFVII fan. When asked previously who she wanted to marry, her reply was "Sephiroth".


As of February 2008, Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi Shimbun reported that her blog, which opened in 2004, had been accessed one billion times. The blog queen holds the record for single-day-updates on a celebrity blog with 70 updates alone on January 28, 2006. A book version of her blog called Shokotan * Blog was released in 2005. Lesson learned: Blog about things you want so your famous friends can buy them for you.

We're thinking about getting a pony. Our birthday is coming up, but maybe we can save up enough money to buy a pony by then. Ponies are so expensive.

Too subtle? Now all we need are famous friends.

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