Shock: Alienware Release Tasteful Product (And It's A Monitor)

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You know Alienware for custom gaming PCs, yeah, but they're also synonymous for releasing hardware that is so ugly, it ain't got no alibi. Which is what makes this monitor so refreshing.


Coming in at 21.5 inches, it's a "gaming" monitor in that it's got stuff normal people wouldn't want/need in a display, such as 2x HDMI ports and a whopping 4x USB ports. It's also got an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and can output in 1920x1080, so yeah, it's basically a small HDTV, only without the TV tuner part.

But the most attractive thing about it is that it looks, well, not ugly. Like Alienware awoke 9 years too late to find the 21st century's design tastes to be a place of restraint, and subtlety. I still wouldn't buy it, of course - I prefer the extra real estate on my 24" display to bells and whistles - but in a first for an Alienware product, I won't make fun of it, either.


Alienware OptX AW2210 21.5-Inch Gaming Monitor Goes 1920x1080, Actually Isn't Hideous [Gizmodo]

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No 1440x900? D:

I don't think I can stand anything larger or smaller than that...