Shirley The Skyrim Grandma Has Her Own Fully Voiced Mod

Shirley as seen in the mod.
Shirley as seen in the mod.
Screenshot: Bethesda / The Circantolius Team

The internet’s favorite Skyrim-playing grandma, Shirley Curry, now has her very own Skyrim mod which adds her to Bethesda’s RPG as a companion. And Shirley voiced the character herself.


In Shirley - A Skyrim Follower Mod, she has provided her voice for the companion and according to the mod’s Nexus page, she will tell you stories based on some of her adventures see in her popular YouTube videos. She also comes with her own lovely little home, unique items, and a short quest to complete.

The 85-year old Shirley, more famously known as the Skyrim Grandma, became famous online in 2016 after she uploaded hundreds of Skyrim gameplay videos to her YouTube channel. These often featured her playing as different characters and had her completing quests and exploring the world of Skyrim. She became so popular and famous that Bethesda announced in 2019 that the famous granny would be an NPC in the next Elder Scrolls game.

For any weirdos out there who would want to marry Shirley, this isn’t possible. The mod developer decided that because this mod is based on a real, living person letting folks marry Shirley would be “weird.”

Shirley has released a video of her playing around with the mod, which is fun and also a bit confusing when they both start talking.

Last year, the Skyrim Grandma took a break from uploading videos after assholes and annoying people continued to comment about how she was playing the game incorrectly. She plays the game to roleplay and relax, not to speedrun or to max out levels. Thankfully it seems over the last few months she has returned to uploading happy Skyrim videos, making the internet a better place.

Since being released last week, the mod has been downloaded by over 4,000 different users. You can find it on Nexus mods and you can also download a version of this mod for Xbox One.


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