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Shigeru Miyamoto Sees "Nothing Wrong" With HD Graphics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Nintendo Wii is not an hi-def gaming machine. When Nintendo launched the console in late 2006, the company touted its analog TV friendly aspect — not everyone has an HDTV, you know!

But it's 2009. Soon it is 2010. We are living in the future. The number of HD televisions continues to grow — yet the Wii is not HD.


"I don't think there's anything wrong with pretty graphics, and if I'm a consumer that has an HDTV, I'd want to be able to play my games with nice graphics too. And I think as we've seen the penetration rates for HDTV increase, we're going to see video games and Nintendo's games move along in step with the progression of technology," said Miyamoto.

"But what I don't think is necessarily true is that the graphics itself is something that's going to make the gameplay experience better. So we're still going to focus on the gameplay, but we'll take advantage of the technology as it comes out."


Lots of mixed signals in what Miyamoto is saying: Pretty graphics are nice, people with HDTVs want pretty graphics, number of HDTVs increasing, Nintendo will move with technology, graphics don't make gaming experience better, Nintendo still focusing on gameplay, but will take advantage of the tech "as it comes out".

It's already out. Get on with it!

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