Horse_ebooks, the automated spam Twitter account that promotes e-books by quoting random lines from them, is one of the most famous Twitter accounts out there. Much of the appeal is that despite being complete word salad, it manages to say absurd if not insightful things. But it's not stuff that would get you a date... right?

You'd be surprised. A new Tumblr has surfaced with screencaps of desperate guys that try to communicate with a woman who only responds with Horse_ebooks quotes. They don't notice—in fact, they just seem to try even harder to connect, with one dude mistaking her responses as poetic and thusly evidence that she should be an author.

Check it (click for full size):


Hilarious stuff. Check out the rest of the entries, here. Now I know that my OKCupid approach should be to stop making any sense whatsoever.

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