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Six months ago, the Xbox One was released unto the world. For a half a year since then, Microsoft's giant new chunk of plastic has sat in our living rooms, asking for our voice commands, showing us movies, and letting us play games. How's all that going?


While most of us on staff at Kotaku have our own Xbox Ones and plenty of stories to tell, we're also interested in hearing from you, our readers. (And, no, the Xbox One isn't the only console we'll be doing this for, it's just the first.) Some prompts to consider:

  • How's Xbox One ownership been for you, so far?
  • Are you glad you own one? Or do you regret it? Why?
  • Do you use Kinect regularly?
  • Have you got your cable box plugged into the console? If not, why not?
  • Picked up any accessories?
  • Are there any things about the Xbox One that you still don't quite understand, or don't make sense to you?
  • More broadly: Have you had any experiences that were so cool, so annoying, or so surprising, or so disappointing that they've changed how you view the console?
  • What does the timeline of your experience look like, from when you first bought it to now?

If you think the Xbox One is the best console you've ever owned, tell us why. If you hate it and can't believe you bought the dumb thing, tell us why. If there's something about your experience that you think people should know, share it here.

Basically, if you own an Xbox One, you've probably got stories to tell. So, tell 'em!

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Luke Plunkett

Here's a story. I bought an expensive console. Played FIFA for a bit. Found voice commands don't work very well, Netflix is awful and the dash constantly chugs and freezes. With a week of Titanfall the only game I'd played since launch, I now regret my purchase.