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Six months ago, the PlayStation 4 was released unto the world. For a half a year since then, Sony's angular new chunk of plastic has sat in our living rooms, letting us play games and watch movies. How's all that going?


While most of us on staff at Kotaku have our own PS4s and plenty of stories to tell, we're also interested in hearing from you, our readers. Some prompts to consider:

  • How's PS4 ownership been for you, so far?
  • Are you glad you own one? Or do you regret it? Why?
  • Do you use the Share function regularly?
  • Picked up any accessories?
  • Do you use Vita remote play? If so, how do you like it? Do you like using it for some games more than others?
  • Are there any things about the PS4 that you still don't quite understand, or don't make sense to you?
  • More broadly: Have you had any experiences that were so cool, so annoying, or so surprising, or so disappointing that they've changed how you view the console?
  • What does the timeline of your experience look like, from when you first bought it to now?

If you think the PS4 is the best console you've ever owned, tell us why. If you hate it and can't believe you bought the dumb thing, tell us why. If there's something about your experience that you think people should know, share it here.

Basically, if you own an PS4, you've probably got stories to tell. So, tell 'em!

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Luke Plunkett

Not quite as regretful as the XB1. I did love the shit out of AC4. I am sad to see Sony continues to under-bake its wifi XB1 and PS4 sit right next to each other in my entertainment unit, and while the XB1 (and every other device) can get 4-5 bars wifi strength, the PS4 sometimes struggles to even detect my network.