Sham Kickstarter Project Found Out, Closes Down

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When the whole Kickstarter thing blew up earlier this year, there was always a very quiet suspicion. That amidst all the nostalgia and indie enthusiasm, someone would use the service to try and rip people off. Well, looks like we've got our first scammers.


A Kickstarter fund for a game called Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men has been found to be a complete fabrication, to the point where even the photos of the developer's "office" had been stolen from somewhere else.

The project managed to "raise" $5000 before it was found out, and has since tried to scrub all associated sites and Facebook pages in an effort to cover their tracks. Weirdly, the only page it hasn't been able to get rid of is the actual Kickstarter link itself.

Or course, it never raised a cent: Kickstarter funds have to reach their goal then "cash in" the donations to see any money. But still. The fact these bums raised anything shows not only how poor the quality control standards are on the site, but how willing some people are to give money to something that didn't even exist.

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How did anyone even back this shit? Based on what we know, the back of the box of Mythic would read:

-3D Environments

-3D Gameplay

-AAA Title


-By gamers, for gamers

Other than this, generic rolling footage and about ten shots of a single room.

Fucking dumb!