Shadow of the Colossus Movie Makers Want Film To Be More WALL·E, Less Scott Pilgrim

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Turning the solitary world of PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus into a movie, as some people are attempting to do, is a tricky prospect. How to turn a series of 16 battles against giant furry foes into a two-hour film?


According to a recently published interview with Kevin Ping Chang, production exec at the company adapting Shadow of the Colossus, the filmmakers are taking lessons learned from movies like WALL·E and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World into account during the big screen adaptation process.

Chang tells Play Till Doomsday that the producers "aim to capture the magic from the first hour of WALL·E," an animated movie that started off nearly devoid of dialogue. And...

"Not that I don't respect the Scott Pilgrim source material, but watching the movie, I felt it sort of dragged along," Chang tells Play Till Doomsday. "Those are some of the pitfalls that we have to be careful to avoid. So these colossi battles need to be very significant, they can't just be one after the other, there has to be something learned from them. We need to be cognizant of that and say 'we're not going to do a montage sequence.'"

Sometimes it takes a montage. Sometimes it doesn't.

Chang indicates that Team ICO head and Shadow of the Colossus game designer Fumito Ueda is also heavily involved in the sign-off process, but that plans to adapt games Ico and The Last Guardian are not currently in the works—but not out of the question. More details at the full interview.


IN|10 Interview: Kevin Ping Chang, on the ‘Shadow of the Colossus' movie [Play Till Doomsday]

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... Am I the only one who hated Wall-E?