Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC

Depending on what platform you want kill orcs on, things will look a little different.

Mind, there doesn't seem to be a version of Shadow of Mordor that is particularly lacking in the visual department. The game is a looker! But if you're debating which version of the game to get, this comparison video by GameSpot should help a bit. As always, the PC version of the game seems to shine the best—but again, at least graphically, the game looks pretty good on all platforms.

Worth noting that the PC version shown in this video is not the version with ultra HD textures. It's Mordor on ultra. So the PC version can look even better than what's shown here, though whether or not your computer will be able to handle it is another matter entirely. The game as some hefty requirements as it is!


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Graphics Comparison [GameSpot]

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Games like this and Assassin's Creed are meant for console. It just moves in ways more conducive with a controller in-hand. I'm glad to see there's essentially no difference between versions. I love my PC, but I recognize what it is!