Shadow Complex Sets Xbox Live Sales Record

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Chair Entertainment's Shadow Complex is officially the most downloaded single-player title in Xbox Live Arcade history, with 200,000 copies purchased during its first week of release alone.


We loved Shadow Complex, and so did you folks apparently, with stellar review scores and one-week sales so spectacular that Microsoft had to issue a celebratory press release. Multiplayer titles dominate Xbox Live Arcade, and single-player games generally don't perform nearly as well, but Chair seems to have knocked this one out of the park.

"Congratulations to Chair Entertainment and Epic Games for creating an outstanding game," said Scott Austin, director of digitally distributed games at Microsoft. "As the capstone title of the second annual Summer of Arcade program, "Shadow Complex" has raised the bar for downloadable games. We're proud to offer such high-quality content on Xbox LIVE Arcade."

I found the game to be one of the most complete game offerings ever made available on Xbox Live Arcade. I would have easily paid full price for it, which makes the 1200 Microsoft point ($15) so much sweeter. If you've not yet played it, it comes highly recommended.


Mister Jack

Boy, there's a lot of people saying that won't buy the game just because of Card's political views. Don't get me wrong, his views are repugnant, and I'm never going to purchase any of his books. However, you're really going to be hurting the devs more than Card by refusing to buy this game. If he does get any money out of this, it's probably not much. Hell, he might have already been paid for his involvement and sales don't affect him one damn bit.

But let's just stop and think here for a second. Card is a huge homophobe, we all now that by now. I don't feel that the Mustard bros. are homophobes, but let's pretend for a moment that they are. Let's pretend that they and Card got together and had a big gay bashing party where they threw darts at pictures of Nathan Lane, got drunk, and decided to make a game. Even then, there's still plenty of other developers who just work for Chair to earn a paycheck. If you had a family to support and you needed the money badly enough, the political views of your employer would be a non-issue. If you're not buying the game for this reason, you're not punishing Card. I promise you he does not give a fuck if you don't buy Shadow Complex. Orson Scott Card is not going to lie awake at night because of disappointing sales for a video game he had little, if any, involvement with the actual production of. You're not even punishing the Mustard Bros. Chair will be just fine. Even if it wasn't a great selling game, they'd find a way to adjust. Who you ARE punishing are the developers who depend on strong sales to keep their jobs and be eligible for their raises. Don't take your anger out on developers who, frankly, did fantastic work with this game.

Lest we forget, there's probably at least a handful of Chair employees who would also find Card's homophobia offensive, but Chair signs their checks. If you work for a major company, I guaran-damn-tee that at some point they've been involved with an individual or organization which harbors views just as bad as Card's, if not worse. How would you feel if you got your wages garnished or you got laid off because people stopped buying from your employers because of the backwards views of some asshole you never even met becoming public? The game itself has nothing to do with homosexuality. If it did, my opinion about this issue would be very different, but it doesn't.