Sgt. Hammer has always been one of the best specialists in Heroes of the Storm. But the MOBA-fied version of StarCraft’s iconic siege tank unit didn’t have any great skins to match—likely because it’s hard to dress up a tank in anything more more imaginative in a WWII-era guide. Blizzard’s finally changed that.

“Sgt. Doomhammer” dresses the tank character up to look like some sort of siege engine pulled from the Warcraft universe, and makes Hammer herself into an orc in turn. Here’s what the tank looks like when it’s on wheels:

And when it goes into siege mode:

Doomhammer also changes her mines so they look more like barrels that remind of the ones Gangplank uses in League of Legends:


And her gigantic bullet-bill-esque ult, “Blunt Force Gun,” has been remade to look like a spikey spinning ball of death, which is known as “Iron Star” in World of Warcraft:

Man, that looks so sweet. Too bad everyone always says to take the Napalm Strike instead!


There’s also a new skin for Thrall that turns him into a magma monster and looks totally rad as well:

I’m probably not going to buy either of this skins simply because a) I don’t play enough Thrall or Hammer to justify it, and b) I already have a serious problem with spending too much money on MOBA skins. But if you do feel like getting Hammer’s skin, Reddit user jaytan has a helpful tip: don’t buy the “Doombreaker Bundle,” and just get Hammer plus the skin instead. It’s actually cheaper that way:

With Hammer on sale this week, it is cheaper to buy her separately then get the reduced dynamic bundle price.

The bundle on its own is $28.84, and Hammer is $4.24 this week. If you already own Hammer the bundle is $22.49 meaning you save $2.10 buying her outside the bundle.


**resumes resisting urge to spend even more money on MOBA skins**

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