Capcom (YouTube)

I’m confident this leak is the real deal. And if not, it’s the work of an incredibly skilled artist who was very lucky to have matched Capcom’s official designs based on only vague descriptions, fast enough to produce so much artwork so soon after the Street Fighter 6 presentation, or both.


A couple of questions remain, however. It’s still unclear if all these characters will be in the Street Fighter 6 launch roster or if they’re meant to be doled out piecemeal through subsequent updates. Furthermore, we don’t know for sure that everyone got past the design phase, though the unified aesthetics and presentation lead me to believe this is an internal asset that escaped the Capcom fighting game team’s leaky ship way too early.

In any case, this Street Fighter 6 leak is already building a level of hype among fans that more official showings have largely failed to attract. I’m not sure Capcom and its outside contractors are up to the task of translating these incredible designs to 3D purely based on how ugly some of the characters in Street Fighter V turned out, but consider me cautiously optimistic about the franchise for the first time in years.


 Update 06/05/2022 12:41 p.m. ET: A description of one of the characters has been updated.