I don't know much about TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, but after watching this gorgeous trailer for the upcoming action MMO I'd definitely like to get to know it better.

TERA is the inaugural work of South Korean MMO developer Bluehole Studios. Bluehole was formed in 2007 by a handful of ex-NCsoft employees, including the producer, lead game designer, lead programmer, and art director of Lineage II, which would explain why the game looks so lovely.

Play is another thing entirely, however, and I was never big fan of how Lineage II played. Hopefully TERA's action-based combat system will differentiate from the older title. As it stands, I love the look, but I'm worried about the feel. It takes more than having anthropomorphic raccoons as a playable race to impress this MMO player.

Okay, no it doesn't.

For a closer look at TERA, including gameplay videos, class and race profiles, and a run-down of the game's premise, check out the game's official website.


En Masse Entertainment will be publishing TERA in North America next winter.