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Sexy Fighting Game Characters, Redesigned

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Anna Nilsson, from Swedish site Svampriket, has some ideas on what some of the "sexier" female fighting game characters should look like. Mostly, this involves putting some damn pants on.


Nilsson's redesigns take two things into account: she's toned down the more, ahem, exaggerated aspects of their physical design, and made their outfits more practical. It's OK if their costumes are still tight or even sexy, but come on, the least they can do is cover someone's ass.

Some of them go a little overboard (Cammy has gone from "oh hey there's your butt" to Sly Cooper), but Mai and Elena look great. As do Felicia's pants, which is a sentence nobody has ever had to write before, ever.


Anna's redesigns clearly only focus on sexy female characters. If anyone feels like toning down Urien or Zangief's underpant madness, knock yourselves out.