Sex While Driving More Popular Than Gaming While Driving

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A survey of drivers from six different countries found that while 15% of people claimed to have engaged in sexual activity while driving, only 5% admit to playing portable games behind the wheel.

The survey, underwritten by hands-free mobile phone device maker Jabra and performed by Lindberg International, polled 300 drivers each from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan about the activities they perform while driving.

We're human beings, and we have to attend to our basic needs like eating, a drive-time activity performed by 72% of people surveyed. Still, some people have to go beyond those basics, operating their vehicles while kissing (28%), texting (28%), reading books (10%), applying makeup (13%), or reading and writing emails (12%).


And they aren't just kissing. They are kissing well, at least the 15% who claimed to have had sex while driving.

Out of all the activities polled, however, our favorite pastime, gaming, ranks right down there with shaving, garnering a measly 5%.

It bears noting that the majority of gaming drivers were Japanese males, and most of the sex-having drivers were males as well, making me wonder if single player counted, or sexting, for that matter.

I think what Jabra is trying to do here is to make sure folks are driving responsibly, while buying as many Jabra products as possible.


I'm not sure how this survey accomplishes that. If anything, I'm going to pay more attention to other cars now, just to see if I can catch any of the 15% in action.

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From the headline I thought it meant that more people screw while driving than play video games AT ALL. I'm not sure if that was funnier or sadder, to be honest.