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Sex Club Game Has Japanese Players By The Balls

Illustration for article titled Sex Club Game Has Japanese Players By The Balls

Japanese entertainment company offers a whole host of services, like PS3-based movie rental. But what it's mostly known for is pornography, whether it's selling adult movie downloads for the PSP or just selling straight-up adult movie downloads.

It's not surprising that's venture into hardcore online gaming is just that, hardcore. Dubbed "Virtual Sex Club", the "game" allows players to experience all kinds of computer avatar humping. Computer sex isn't novel and has been around for decades. But it's not just the online threesomes that are turning heads in Japan, but the game's virtual goods and payment scale.


The monthly membership fee is ¥1,800 (US$21), which isn't a huge sum of cash by any means. That entitles players to 30,000 Gold, which can be used to purchase characters and sexy-time "armor". Once that 30,000 Gold is gone, players can charge more gold on their credit cards. So what does 30,000 Gold buy?

Well, it isn't enough for a virtual avatar of Risa Tsukino, star of adult films like NON STOP ORGASM and WATER POLE 61. She costs 35,000 Gold. But players can buy "Arisa" (whoever "Arisa" is) for a mere 10,000 Gold.


But once they buy her, players might want to customize her: wavy hair costs 5,000 Gold, pink finger nails for 4,400 Gold and a facial mole for 4,400 Gold. (A breast mole is 5,000 Gold!)

There are an array of costumes, but the basics (frilly underwear) come at a cost. Bras or stockings are around 5,000 Gold, while panties venture slightly north of 5,000 Gold. There are even things like sunglasses (4,000 Gold) or watches (6,000 Gold). Then there are items like nipple rings — and more.


This being a sex game, things like dildos are also available. Some of the toys are free (how generous), but many of them are priced. There are also things like banana-shaped vibrators and spatulas for 5,400 Gold each.

This being a sex game, the point is to have sex. Missionary style is free of charge, but things like "doggy style" are priced at 9,000 Gold.


And then there's the matter of where players will screw. A beach, nightclub, yacht and a Chinese-style high rise are available for 20,000 Gold. The classroom is free. Go figure.

So players who buy Arisa, customize her and dress her up a bit could very well be out of Gold by the time they're picking a locale for their time together. And if there already weren't enough options for squandering Gold, Virtual Sex Club even has in-game gambling like poker and blackjack.


In Virtual Sex Club, players don't do the screwing. They get screwed.

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