Watching TV can be a great communal experience, a thing you love doing with friends and family...or it can suck, depending on the type of person you do it with.

Hopefully the people you watch TV with are nothing like the folks in this comic by Dorkly, though.

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Personally, I think the nitpicker is the worst—because no matter how good something is, if you get granular enough, you can ruin anything. Everything else in this comic, while annoying, is more manageable: you can pause something when someone is talking; you can explain something so that someone stops being clueless, and so on. But if a person manages to ruin the thing you're watching, then that's it. It's ruined. You can't go back.


Granted, a nitpick is not always bad. Nitpicking is essentially being really meticulous in what you notice, right? Some people manage to do that and instead choose to highlight cool stuff about what you're watching. Those types of 'nitpicks' are the best.

What about you, what type of people do you hate watching TV with?