Settlers Of Catan, As Nature Intended

Last month we took a close look at a new version of classic board game Settlers of Catan, one being readied for Microsoft's giant touch-screen computer. Since then, a new build of the game has been released.


God this stuff looks good. It really is the best of both worlds; the social intimacy of a board game couple with the whiz-bang presentation of a video game. Let's just hope the soundtrack is customisable!

As the guys explain in the vid, this is an official project with the Catan license, not a fanciful tech demo; the ultimate aim is to have commercial spaces (think gaming cafes) where Surface tables could be positioned and people would pay to play games like this.


Settlers of Catan is one of very few passions of mine - I've been sneaking the PSN version in the morning like an alcoholic hiding nips in his suit coat. For $6.99 it isn't bad - I think I've played somewhere around a couple hundred matches. People love to grief in the game and ragequit, but that's more a fault of human nature than the design of the game, which is otherwise serviceable, though pretty bare bones. Avatars do not format well - there are little white graphical hiccups under and above most of them. Whatever. It's Settlers.