Seriously. This Should Be Illegal. Part II.

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I don't want to tell you how to spend your money, but don't ever spend thirty bucks of it paying someone else to upgrade the firmware on your PlayStation 3. (I'll show you how to do it for free!)


One Best Buy in Staten Island, New York is offering Geek Squad services to upgrade the firmware on all new 120GB PlayStation 3s for the low price of just $29.99, according to a report from DualShockers. That's a tactic we're unfortunately familiar with.


According to the in-store ad, the firmware upgrade—which is mandatory, but simple to perform on your own—will make systems "run smoother" and "eliminates bugs and glitches." The unadvertised side of this is that it also takes about five minutes to do on your own, as most informed PlayStation 3 owners know.

Better still, it's free to download via the PlayStation Network or from Yes, it takes moments of your time and the dexterity to hit the correct buttons when prompted, but I'm sure you can format a USB stick and stick it into your PS3 without much trouble. Just follow these simple instructions.

Look, I hate upgrading my PS3 firmware to add features I never use as much as the next guy. But this a waste of money.

Best Buy Sells Free PS3 Upgrades [DualShockers - thanks, Kyle!]

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I'm an IT analyst and one of my main job functions is Help Desk. Frequently the users at my job ask me to fix their home PCs on the side which I won't do partly out of principle and partly because I am 40 minutes away from my job and they live in different directions.

Anyway, I will then point out that while it is their money to NOT go to a chain like BestBuy or Staples. Your best bet is to find the local geek in your town.

On second thought, maybe I should charge to fix their PCs. Any idea what is a fair hourly rate?