Sega's Wacky World of Sports Brings Extreme Ironing To Wii

Wii owners are about to enter a sports mini-game famine, following the release of Sega's Wacky World of Sports, a waggle-ridden compilation that finally cleans the bones of the multiplayer sports party game carcass.

We'll give Sega credit for adding "extreme ironing" to Wacky World of Sports, something I never thought I'd see on the Wii. Granted, I'd not thought of the extreme ironing gag for at least two years now, so I'll hopefully be forgiven for my lack of foresight.


Wacky World of Sports also features non-conventional sports like tuna tossing, timber sports and cheese wheel rolling, among other fanciful and fictional activities. Consider the bottom of the mini-game barrel sparkling clean.

Sega expects to release the game later this year for the Wii.

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