Sega, You Might Want To Choose A Different Font

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Sega recently announced a new Ultimate Quest for Phantasy Star Online 2 known as “Anal Battle: Space-time Interstice.”


Starting tomorrow, players with an Ark above level 90 will be able to face off against the Primordial Darkness in a solo mission with some great rewar...

<holds hand to earpiece>

...o-oh, wow, okay.

Hey folks, I’ve just learned the Ultimate Quest is actually called “Final Battle: Space-time Interstice,” not “Anal Battle: Space-time Interstice.”

That’s totally on me.

So yeah, uh, enjoy the new Ultimate Quest.

Staff Writer, Kotaku



On first glance I read it as Final Battle. Even after reading the article it took me a second to realize why you thought it was Anal Battle.