Sega Rolls Out More Stormrise Units

Sega has revealed six more units that will be taking the field of battle in Creative Assembly's post-apocalyptic real-time strategy console title, Stormrise.

While Monday's Stormrise unit reveal focused mainly on the ground troups, today's update gives us a look at how the war will be faught in the air, along with some of the more monstrous troops fighting on the side of the Sai. The Rage are especially impressive, being described in the official notes as "Malevolence incarnate", which is incidentally what I want written on my tombstone.


STORMRISE - Unit Descriptions



Raining spears from the sky, Hunters are the tactical support vehicle of choice for the Echelon. With built-in high speed fans, Hunters are a swift VTOL aircraft able to operate up high or near the deck, using a rapid firing chain gun to eliminate air and ground foes alike. For their final trick, Hunters unleash powerful rocket barrages, just right for pulverising masses of infantry.

SPECIAL Abilities
Rocket barrage: Hunters blast ground-based enemy units with a fiery rocket barrage.
Low hover: Hunters can drop down to hover close to the ground, allowing them to hide and shoot at ground units with greater accuracy.


The defensive shield of the Echelon, Sentinels guard important strategic points with determined vigilance. The three-man squads are equipped with side arms and deployable heavy machine guns, making them fully capable of guarding anything deemed vital to your victory.

SPECIAL Abilities
Dig In: The Sentinels deploy their machine guns and dig in to increase their fire power and protection.

Arc Hammers

The iron fist of the Echelon, their appearance alone is enough to quell an uprising. Arc Hammers are surprisingly mobile thanks to their advanced hover technology. They are equipped with a powerful hyper velocity railgun and protected with the latest in advanced armour. Arc Hammers pack an additional surprise though, the ability to transform into an artillery piece and pound enemies from afar!


SPECIAL Abilities
Transform to artillery: The Arc Hammer can transform itself into a powerful artillery piece, locking it in place. This mode has a very long range but cannot be used to hit targets near where the Arc Hammer is emplaced.



Sometimes called a rattling death trap by those that fly it, the Locusts can chew surprised enemy infantry into little pieces with the Gatling guns mounted on them. The Locusts fly around city streets, overwhelming enemies and they can also attack airborne units at high altitudes in swarms!


SPECIAL Abilities
Fly High: The Locusts can ascend into the sky to get a better look at the battlefield and engage airborne units.


Warriors are the strong arm of the Sai. Whether hunting down dangerous beasts or protecting villages, Warriors perform their duties with ferocious aplomb. Enhanced by their exposure to Sai energy, Warriors are far larger than an average person. They grow to be about eight feet high and develop Sai energy tendrils which they project from their arms. In battle, Warriors are sent as shock troops into places where the bigger Sai units cannot go.


SPECIAL Abilities
Electric Tentacle: The warriors use their Sai powers to envelope their tentacles in electricity which greatly increases their attack damage.

The Rage

Malevolence incarnate, The Rage exudes power and anger. Transformed by over exposure to Sai energy, The Rage has grown to titanic proportions, leaving it able to crush infantry with its bare hands and smash vehicles at will. Infused with a constant supply of Sai energy, The Rage can hurl itself forward rapidly, smashing into a soon-to- be-crushed victim or propelling itself into the air before landing with a thunderclap and blasting all those nearby.


SPECIAL Abilities
Unstoppable Charge: The Rage hurtles forward with tremendous force smashing into and flattening their unfortunate victim.
Rage Smash: The Rage jumps up in the air and smashes to the ground on landing, causing a powerful shockwave.



Why do developers think it's a good idea to put RTS games on joystick-based systems? It better have a pause feature that lets you make your moves while the game is paused (ala Baldurs Gate); otherwise, it'll just be a waste of development time.