Unable to adapt to harsh shipping conditions, many of the Alien Facehuggers included in the Hunter Edition of Aliens Vs. Predator had their tails snap off. Sega's bio-engineers are on the case.

It's sad that one of the heartiest species in the known galaxy should succumb to something as trifling as being shipped to retail, but hey, in War of the Worlds the aliens died from the common cold. Perhaps we should have tried shipping them. The shipping process apparently killed many of the Alien Facehugger models packaged inside the more expensive edition of Sega's new AvP title, to the point where Sega has set up a web page to help get healthy Facehuggers into the hands of its customers.

Simply visit Sega's Facehugger Collectible Replacements page, fill out a form, which includes a space for the Hunter Edition-exclusive downloadable content voucher code for verification, and Sega will be in touch with instructions on how to score an intact Facehugger.

You know, one that can better latch onto your neck in order to have disgusting Alien sex with your face. And you paid extra for that.