Used games are big business. Big business for retailers, but not for developers or publishers who are cut out entirely. While many company are very much against it, SEGA Europe president and COO Mike Hayes is diplomatic.

Trying to kill the second-hand market, Hayes explains, is bad PR. "Of course, commercially, do I support it? Of course not, and I have to think here of the 650 people we employ at Sega Europe... So would I ever join a campaign to get it stopped? The answer is no. Do I like it? The answer is no."

Hayes also says the second-hand market is something SEGA will keep an eye on, but does add, "I think ownership of hard copy is still something that the consumer wants." True. And since games do go out of print, the second-hand market dovetails that retail need.

Sad but true: Many smaller retailers live and die on used games sales. It's the only way they can compete with larger chain retailers.


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