Sega Gives The Wii One Last Shot Of The Old Ultra-Violence

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Over the past couple of years, Sega bet big on the Wii's hardcore audience. Things didn't really pan out. Trying to wring one last sales surge out of their mature titles, then, Sega Australia will be releasing this triple pack.


Called "Welcome To Violence", Sega say it's "a pack no self-respecting Wii-owning Aussie bloke should be without". That's it, Sega. Threaten the big men's manhood. That'll get 'em kicking the kids off their party games for a spot of sub-par FPS action.

The pack includes Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill and The Conduit, and will be going on sale for AUD$110. Since that's the recommended price for a new 360/PS3 game down here, the practical American equivalent is around $60.


The problem with those games is they're not very good. On the 360 and PS3, there are enough developers working on bloody, violent games that, statistically, there have to be at least one or two good development teams that end up making a good game.

But with the Wii, there's only a handful of developers even trying to make that sort of game, and sadly it turns out none of the final products are particularly good.

I bought MadWorld shortly after it was released. It wasn't worth it. I really have no idea what that game is trying to be, but whatever it is, it's not a very good idea.

If it was going for gameplay with depth, it failed, because it doesn't hold a candle to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta (I'm convinced Platinum Games must have forced all of its shittiest employees to work on MadWorld, and the cream of the crop got to work on Bayonetta or something).

If it was going for shallow gameplay but just really spectacular combat where you just pwn guys left and right, it failed at that too. It really doesn't compare to most of the other brawlers out there, because there isn't much brawling. The enemies just stand there, and the game encourages you to pick them up and slowly carry them over to a hazard that you can throw them at. It's sort of amusing at first, but it gets old really quickly.

House of the Dead: Overkill fares somewhat better. I rented it, and I was pleased with that choice. I'm just not the kind of person who would ever buy that sort of light gun game, because it just doesn't seem like there's enough value, given how short the game is.

It was a pretty good light gun game. No real complaints about the gameplay.

The writing was sorta bad. I know it was supposed to be campy and bad, but I sorta got the impression that the writers didn't actually know very much about exploitation films. It just seems like they'd recently seen Grindhouse, and between that and various modern day parodies of exploitation films, they sorta had a vague idea of what it should be like.

I guess it's sort of lacking its own little twist on exploitation films. It's just completely standard. Oh look, the woman is hardly wearing anything and serves no purpose other than to be a sex object. Oh look, the black guy says "motherfucker" nonstop. It's just the most basic, stereotypical exploitation film premise; since no one had done an "exploitation game" before, they didn't even have to try to put any original thought or effort into it.

And I don't even get what the hell they were trying to do with Agent G. I guess he was supposed to be the straight man, but he's just...dull. He's not funny, or cool, or anything. He's just lame. And not even so lame that it's funny. Just regular lame, where you wish he would stop talking because his dialogue is never interesting at all.

And I never got around to the renting The Conduit, so I will end my ranting here.