The first batch of downloadable Sega Genesis games for the PC has hit Steam, giving gamers a new way to spend $2.99 apiece on games like Ecco the Dolphin, Vectorman, and Sonic 3D Blast.

Why worry about the ambiguous moral and legal issues surrounding emulation when you can just buy Sega Genesis titles for your PC? The first batch of Sega Genesis Classics is now available on Steam, with $2.99 scoring players legitimate copies of a number of games previously available only through the dozens of game compilations Sega has released over the past decade.


For those who prefer those compilations, Steam is also offering up the Sega Classics pack, featuring Comix Zone, Crack Down, Ecco the Dolphin, Gain Ground, Golden Axe, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Sonic 3D Blast, Space Harrier II, Vectorman, Altered Beast, and Shadow Dancer, all for $34.99.

I'm very interested to see how these things sell. Can Sega get players to pay for these? Will you pay for these?

Thanks to Jim for reminding us these were coming.