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Sega Forgets To Tell Anyone It Released An Awesome New PC Game

Illustration for article titled Sega Forgets To Tell Anyone It Released An Awesome New PC Game

House of the Dead: Overkill was a Wii game that not only once held a fairly dubious world record, but also had a very old-school Sega sense of humour that was sadly overlooked. So it's nothing short of a shock to have people waking up yesterday to find the game's been ported to the PC. With Sega making as little a fuss as possible.


Example: the press release announcing the game wasn't sent out until the day after it had already hit online stores!


An even nicer surprise is that it's now a better game.

Why? Because it ditches the light-gun mechanics of the Wii version and reverts to a form of...death by touch-typing, the kind first seen in Overkill's predecessor, 1999's Typing of the Dead.

Here's some footage of the PC version in action, courtesy of Miya:

The game's $12.50 on Steam. It's totally worth it.

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Maybe SEGA forgot to tell you Kotaku because the last time they released one of their games, Sonic on Wii U.. you gave it a shitty unfair rating and they are probably sick and tired of that shit. By the way, I bought the Sonic game and its a great game. It doesn't hold your hand like a baby, but instead its hard as fuck, and its old school. I personally like it a lot, especially the scoreboards for time attacks.