Sega Don't Want To Be Activision, They Want To Be Sega! (Or, At Least THQ)

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Sega used to be one of this industry's top dogs. They had hardware, they had top-selling franchises, they had the world at their feet. Then they screwed up, a bunch of times, and it cost them. They're now no longer top dogs, they're just...dogs. Back in the pack, with the rest of them. And if you ever needed proof - outside of the last 7 Sonic games - of how far they've fallen, you need look no further than this quote from Sega USA boss Simon Jeffrey. Speaking with Forbes, Jeffrey was asked whether Sega could see themselves ever taking on the likes of EA or Activision:

We're actually really happy where we are. We can be small and agile and yet extremely profitable and successful. It really feels like this year we're competing with the next tier up, and THQ is a good company for us to model ourselves on and go after in terms of market share.


THQ? Look, it's one thing to be honest, but have some self respect, man! Sega: 'We Don't Want To Be Activision' [Forbes]

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Luke Plunkett

@Elwood2112: I'm Australian. it's British English. Quit getting your knickers in a twist.

You'd think somebody going to the trouble of being publicly snarky would be up to speed on basic things like that.