Sega Creates Robotic Girlfriend

Sega has created the ultimate peripheral for guys too busy gaming to meet women. Meet Ema - Eternal Maiden Actualization, Sega's robotic girlfriend. She stands around 18 inches tall and can sing, dance, and totally make out with you. When switched to "Love Mode", a feature sadly lacking in real life companions, Ema uses infra-red sensors to detect nearby human heads, doling out kisses with her cold, mouthless face.

Ema goes on sale in September for around 18,000 yen ($166 USD), and while she is currently exclusive to Japan, Sega isn't ruling out bringing her worldwide should demand prove high enough.

Not going to say anything further, as opening my fat mouth at this point could get me in serious trouble.


Sega creates robot girlfriend [ - Thanks Seiger!]

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Gizmodo the other day had a better video of these fencing, their not the best fencers in the world but it makes look better then watching them kissing a Japanese man.