Seen at PAX today in Seattle: cosplayer Ori Roundtree doing his best to pay respects, Call of Duty style.


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Eh. I find that (and the game that spawned the gag) a wee bit insensitive. Growing up in a military family—and being married to a service member—I’ve been to more than a few military funerals.

In my mind, they’re not something to make light of. I know this dude wasn’t gagging on the military, but was instead mocking a ham-handed Call of Duty bit—but still, I’m a little uneasy about this sort of thing being propagated.

I’ll not say more than that in this post; people may laugh at what they will, and I will not judge—but, similarly, I’m made uneasy by a few things, and I hope I’m not judged for feeling like this was in poor taste.