We've brought you hard-hitting coverage of the Miss Universe pageant's weird cosplay-esque section before, but this year featured something worth drawing further attention to: Miss USA dressed up as a Transformer.

It was part of the "national dress" section of the pageant, where contestants wear crazy outfits that are usually inspired by their country's history, traditions and/or culture. So Miss UK, for example, did a pretty great impression of Royalty, complete with replica of one of the crown jewels.

Miss USA, on the other hand, decided to dress up as...Optimus Prime. For real. I'm sure someone, somewhere along the line told her that Prime isn't American (either he's Cybertronian or Japanese, depending on how much you care), but I'm equally sure everyone else said shut up, he's red, white and blue and voiced by Peter Cullen, that's American enough.

It's Optimus (sub) Prime! American Miss Universe contestant sports VERY unglamorous ensemble inspired by Transformers film [Daily Mail, via neatorama]