See What The New Harmonix Mobile Game Does To Your Music

Developed by the music game masters at Harmonix and SuperVillain Studios, Record Run takes the music on your iDevice and turns it into a quirky little running game. Here are two choice selections from my MP3 library, gamified.


First up is that modern classic, "Space Unicorn" by Nerf Herder front man Parry Gripp. This is a song I keep on my iPhone because I've convinced myself my children really like it, though really it's one of my favorite things.

The second song I snagged footage of is "Hook" by Blues Traveler. The precense of that tune on my iPhone is completely Emma Stone's fault.

By itself, Record Run's gameplay isn't all that special — standard endless-runner mechanics in small bursts. The entertainment comes from applying your personal music taste to the game, and seeing what comes of it. Just don't go crazy — the game gives you a limited number of song slots to play with, and the only means to gain more is to earn backstage passes through playing or spend a little cash.

There are costumes and characters to unlock (including a hipster with a cat in his backpack that transforms into a giant cat), but the real joy of Record Run is the songs you already own.

Record Run is now available as a free download whenever fine iTunes are sold.


Shawntez Phillips

Sometimes I think my Android is just unpopular.