See Sony's E3 'Disneyland' Through Tim Rogers' Eyes

Wow, that was a weird Sony press conference, huh? Started off in a standing-room-only “church,” then cut away to a long intermission while the live attendees shuffled rooms. Want to know what it was like for folks on the ground? Kotaku’s Tim Rogers will show you.

Hello, I am Chris Kohler, who you may remember from the last post about Tim’s E3 2018 adventures.


I’m still writing these blogs because Tim is still busy as heck in Los Angeles creating a succession of video masterpieces. In this video, you can watch Tim:

  • Eat some PlayStation-blue noodles!
  • Watch The Last Of Us 2.
  • Walk out of the Last of Us church, past the Ghost of Tsushima pond, and into the main conference area.
  • Watch Death Stranding, and everything else.
  • Walk past Mark Cerny while offering effusive praise of him in a low voice.
  • Something about the Norman Reedus statue.

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Never thought I would say this, but Sony and other companies need to take example from Microsoft’s last couple events: show a bunch of games with minimal bullshit in-between. MS killed it this year at their event. They showed twice as many exclusive games as all the games Sony showed, and more games than all the other press conferences combined. All that with minimal talking and gimmicky crap.