For Diablo III, Blizzard is giving players a chance to fight the hardest of hellspawn with the game's "Inferno" difficulty. Faster, stronger and tougher enemies that mean big risks and big rewards. What kind of rewards?

Crazy, ornate high level armor, for one. Blizzard Entertainment showed off what some Inferno-class items look like at its Gamescom press conference today, revealing what a level 60 Demon Hunter and Wizard might look like decked out in the sweetest of loot.

Blizzard also displayed slides of Diablo III's (lots and lots of) gems and Runestones, some of which players will only see if they play on the Inferno difficulty setting. For kicks, we also got a look at some higher level gear and character stats.

See what portions of Diablo III's end game will look like in the gallery above.

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